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Solware Auto Éditeur et intégrateur de solutions de gestion pour les acteurs de la distribution, de la réparation et du recyclage automobile.

115 Employees

dedicated to the automotive repair market

30 Years

of business expertise in the automotive industry

4000 Automobile

professionals trust us

Software publisher and integrator in management solutions for lead actors in distribution, repair and auto recycling industry.

We offer innovative, robust and scalable software that pertinently meets the needs of users and the challenges of their daily professional lives. We choose the best technologies to design our solutions and combine innovation, power, durability and efficiency.

Our ambition is to facilitate our customers’ business by providing them with the right software and all the necessary assistance to keep the IT solution operational. As a true partner, we implement reliable systems for our customers and train technical references as well as users with pedagogy.

Our customers expect from us a relational and geographical proximity, the Proactivity and agility of a editor as well as the Expertise of an integrator specialized in their businesses
Our experience and know-how have enabled us to build real expertise to meet the needs of automotive professionals who trust us.

We have strong development ambitions beyond France, in Africa and Europe. Solware Auto is now an international player in repairer management and invoicing software with subsidiaries in France, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Italy and Belgium.

Solware is built on values of humility, merit, ambition and respect for all people and organizations with whom it interacts.

Solware Group key figures

22 million in 2017

7,500 customers in the healthcare and automotive sectors

20,000 repairers, recyclers and car dealers

100,000 users in EHPADs and structures for people with disabilities

1,800 SaaS/ASP customers

200 employees throughout France
25 people dedicated to software development
60 technical support technicians (hotline, maintenance) handling 90,000 interventions per year
50 regional consultants, technicians and trainers delivering 8,000 training days per year
20 commercial, itinerant, sedentary

IT partner of the largest automotive networks: Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Alliance Automotive and Agra…

IT partner of medico-social establishments: EHPAD, retirement homes, residential homes, CCAS…

Expert in hosting e-business applications for over 10 years, 30 000 users of our software in SaaS or ASP mode

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