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Discover our software dedicated to the management of your car repair shop

winmotor next, le meilleur DMS pour les garages automobiles, ce logiciel de facturation et de gestion améliore la gestion de votre garage

Solware has been at the heart of the Automobile’s world and its evolutions for 30 years. Building on our “know-how” we have re-envisioned winmotor next.

Thought for its users and dedicated to the customers experience, winmotor next improves the fluidity of your actions and interactions amongst your team. No need to pursue the information, you can navigate amidst of it!


More details

More than a software, discover your new partner !

Real time




Why choose winmotor next


time saving

to find the business functions you need; the right information at the right time.


increase in daily revenues

by the commercial exploitation for customer information from all employees.


more for your customers

by the guided and collaborative use of the DMS; you spend less time on software for the benefit of your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

winmotor next is it intended only for large-sized garages?

No it’s not, the DMS is organized around everyone’s daily work role as to simplify its usage and adapt itself to your daily workload.

However one can simplify the home page by grouping certain work positions under one role, adapting the DMS to your activity’s needs.

How much training time is necessary to use the software ?

For the Starter Pack, half a day is sufficient to master the automotive aftermarket perimeter. Complementary short e-learning sessions can be added to the main training.

The billing data of my previous software can it be transferred?

Of course, we insure the data retrieval for most market DMS.

Let’s make your everyday life easier, let’s anticipate tomorrow !

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