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software (DMS) for the management and invoicing of mechanics, bodywork, used vehicle sales and new vehicle sales for car garages

Our automobile management software considerably speeds up the procedures related to appointment management, invoicing, quotation, spare parts search and internal stock control, organizing them through simple, logical and compliant with the quality standards of your automotive network.
Our software is totally intuitive and allows you to access all the necessary information in real time from a single screen.


Real time

The workflow from reception to  delivery is logical. Share the information immediately with all of the users.


Your indicators, tasks and activities are available at the tip of your fingers on your home screen


All entered data is notified and re-used by all, resulting in increased efficiency with no need to re-input.


This DMS is thought for you and by you. It guides your activity and facilitates improves the fluidity of your activities

Schedule your car repair shop

A readability simplified by a purified and personalized display by your indicators of colors.

Vehicule preparation your car repair shop

An early and faster reception allowing an effective reception (RO valued or not) in accordance with good practices.

Activity analysis your car repair shop

Key activites indicators available from your home screen.

Treasury follow-up your car repair shop

Cash flow is vital, all the information needed to manage it is available at a glance.
winmotor next est le meilleur DMS logiciel de facturation et de gestion pour tous les garages automobiles