opportunité après-vente automobile logiciel de gestion winmotor next solution de Solware Auto
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All good car repair professionals advise their customers verbally or, better still, record in writing on their invoices or quotation to be provided (technical inspection, worn tires, air conditioning, anti-pollution control, etc.).  

Only a few of them actually do it!  

Your winmotor next management and billing software will help you and remind you of the recommendations made in a summary table.  

It is a natural tool for targeting potential, highly profitable sales actions, for advice and customer support.  

Which garage owner has not been “lectured” by a customer saying, you didn’t warn me?  

The after-sales opportunities in allow you to make additional sales by reminding your customers about planned vehicle maintenance interventions and estimates for which they have asked you. This feature can help you to strengthen the closeness with your customers through this personal follow-up of the work to be done on their vehicle and to build loyalty.

Discover in a few clicks what this functionality offers you:  

  • Monitor the volume of after-sales opportunities on a daily basis on the secretary’s and manager’s dashboard
  • Immediately access the list of customers concerned by a reminder for work to be planned in the short term (operations to be planned and costings)
  • Refine this list according to different criteria (date, vehicle, service family, geographical area)

Never forget, a customer is never taken for granted. If you don’t communicate with them, other people will. 

Our management software allows you to do this and you become an actor of your business. With the after-sales opportunities, you communicate with your customers to keep them coming back to your car repair shor. You save time and increase your turnover. 

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