Solware auto autopromotec bologne avec motrio pour présenter logiciel gestion facturation winmotor next
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Solware Auto International : our subsidiaries at the main European automotive events. Solware Auto’s international business unit was very pleased to represent winmotor next this year in the three countries where its subsidiaries are located.

It all started at the end of March in Brussels, Belgium, where Solware Auto participated for the first time at Autotechnica. Equipped with a web technology, our team was able to promote our DMS in a market in a full technological transition. Shortly afterwards, Solware Auto went to Madrid, Spain, to greet its colleagues/co-workers, and meet the major players of the automotive aftermarket at the Motortec trade fair. To conclude this half-year of international representation, our Italian subsidiary took part in the Autopromotec exhibition in Bologna.

One event, two stands: towards a greater presence in Italy

This year we were doubly represented: on the one hand on our stand, where we met our partners and demonstrated how easy to use is our solution for garages; and on the other hand, on the Motrio stand, as DMS provider approved by the network.

Thanks to our experience of more than 30 years with Renault in France, and then with Motrio since its creation, we built a solid partnership with the teams of Motrio Italy in 2020. Whether during the presentations on the stand or at the Motrio convention, the network’s strategy is clear: to strengthen the brand image thanks with an innovative range of products and the digitalization of garages.

Solware Auto, with its DMS winmotor next, has been choosen as partner to implement the second pillar of this stategy. Our Italian co-workers work closely with the teams of Motrio under the coordination of Francesco Guglielmi to promote our web DMS, sponsored by the network for its members.

Solware Auto has become an omnipresent player to support Motrio in its objective to increase the quality and quantity of the network by 2025.

Enthusiastic results

Thanks to our knowledge of the Italian market and the support of our customers who are loyal to our DMS tool, we are confident of our ability to grow in this very promising market.

Autopromotec was an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to modernize our DMS by offering it in web mode with a brand new graphic interface. Our strategic vision is perceived in a relevant way by the major players in the world of automotive repair and has allowed us to consolidate our choices through our meetings. In addition to promoting Solware Auto and its DMS winmotor next, we were able to confirm our product strategy (roadmap) that we have set for the end of this year.

The objective for the end of the year is to diversify our customer base by addressing various automotive aftermarket networks and to meet the needs of garages of differents sizes.