Les acteurs majeurs des marchés, les logiciels métiers et autres outils informatiques migrent sur des plateformes full web.
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For some time now, we have had to notice that in order to follow the digitalisation path recommended by all the market major players, vertical software and other IT tools are evolving to full web platforms.

There are many reasons why software developers are offering their solutions in full web mode.

We can identify 5 major aspects of this migration:

  • Benefits for end users
  • Benefits for software and hardware maintenance
  • Site and data security as well as scalability
  • The solutions maturity and the technological evolutions
  • Ease of implementation

End users : 

They certainly have the most to win in this approach because the access to their tools and software will be done within the same browser and they will only have to switch between the tabs to go from one service to another and this 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The browser-based web mode will also allow access to software from any computer from any location, which promotes mobility and work efficiency (ATAWAD approach: Anytime, anywhere, any device)

Web applications follow similar functional principles, and by following these, it makes it easier and less time-consuming for the user to learn the software and makes the processes more fluid.

Web applications are natively developed to facilitate the exchange of information through APIs or Webservices to move from an interfaced mode to an integrated mode and reduce the handling of each user.

Software and hardware maintenance : 

In a local environment, it is important to keep computers, servers, operating systems and software up to date with the latest versions of business, legal and tax functionality, as well as security and compatibility. Too often these critical aspects are neglected, either due to lack of time or lack of skills, and can impair the operation of application solutions.

Another important advantage concerns backups, which are automated and archived over several years without user intervention.

Security and performance of hosted websites : 

Today’s web hosting professionals are very reliable and can respond on a daily basis to requests for increased performance (scalability) or storage to keep up with their customers’ growth.

The increasing frequency of cyber-attacks is forcing hosting companies to be at the forefront of securing data access and backups through dedicated/protected spaces, multi-identification modes or other integrity, activity or intruder control software.

The maturity solutions and technological evolutions : 

Technological developments now make it possible to meet new challenges in terms of system interoperability and information delivery, while guaranteeing data security and fluidity of navigation for end users.

It is critical to be available in these environments, not only for the customers benefit , but also to meet the new requirements and specifications from manufacturers and business network.

Ease of implementation : 

Due to the fact that it is hosted outside the customer’s premises, the technical restrictions and hardware requirements in Web mode are reduced, to the advantage of the customer.

Local technical interventions are limited or non-existent and the implementation and configuration phases are carried out remotely, reducing schedules and intervention times accordingly.

As you can see, the end customer will benefit from significant progress and the use of his IT tools will be greatly simplified.

For all these reasons, Solware Auto is bringing its latest DMS winmotor next into the Cloud and is positioning itself to be able to respond to the new configurations and requirements to come in the automotive repair and maintenance market.