Planning de rendez-vous automobile
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As a manager or workshop leader, the daily routine of your car repair shop includes scheduling numerous appointment requests each day, by phone, e-mail or other channels. 

Organising your car repair shop is not that easy: 

It might seem very simple to have an efficient organisation of the mechanical and bodywork workshops planning of your car repair shop. However, organising appointment requests is only a small part of your activities…  

As a manager or workshop leader, you have to multi-task. Scheduling appointments as they come in requires you to know which time slots are free, which are compatible with the mechanics and bodyworkers schedule, that the necessary equipment is available (bridge, diagnostic tool, paint booth, etc.) and finally that the mechanical parts or bodywork elements are in stock or on delivery to guarantee the time frame for the intervention. 

It can be a nightmare to use a paper agenda to optimise your workshop. Unfortunately, many car repair shop do not use the software planning available in their invoicing and management software. 


Appointment planning in your DMS:  

In most car management software, a schedule is integrated to simplify and optimise the workshop organisation.  

As a manager, director or workshop leader, using a computerised schedule allows you to have a global and complete vision for efficient, fast and error-free appointment scheduling. The optimization of your resources is guaranteed, the cancellation, the postponement, the displacement, the shift or the revival of an appointment can be carried out simply and quickly. You will gain in efficiency and you will also improve the relationship with your customers. 


Running your garage has never been easier:  

Using a computerised appointment schedule makes it easier to share information with the whole garage team, which is much more complicated when it comes to a notebook, and the information entered when making an appointment will be useful and will save precious time when the customer comes to the workshop.  

The computerized planning improves the management of your garage, the productivity of your workers, mechanics, body repairers and the satisfaction of your customers.  

Solware Auto offers this function in its workshop management software winmotor next. winmotor next’s appointment scheduling simplifies the organisation of work and customer reception:  


In a few steps, the appointment planning functionality offers :  


  • Presentation of the schedule to the workshop employees in a synthetic and relevant way.  
  • Positioning of the workshop appointment optimised by estimating the load of customer requests.  
  • Easy and quick appointment scheduling (phonetic search, request entry, customised indicators).  
  • Vehicle loan from the appointment (loan vehicle planning, personalised colour indicators)  


User benefits :  


  • Speed of appointment making  
  • Assisted appointment making thanks to the indicators on the schedule  
  • Fluid navigation between the different schedules  
  • Make additional sales as soon as the appointment is made 


Collaborative advantages :  


  • Scheduling available to all employees in charge of the customer 
  • Information/comments available to all employees involved in the appointment process  
  • Contribution of the employees working on the preparation and qualification of the appointment (qualification of interventions, estimation of the weight of the requests 

Use the schedule in your car management software, even if you are familiar with paper schedules. This functionality is available to you to simplify your organisation and improve the productivity of your automotive activity. With the appointment schedule, no more duplicates and re-entries. Your customers will be satisfied and so will you!