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The most recent DMS of the editor Solware Auto winmotor next, launched on the car repair market in France for multi-makes networks since 2018, has been in pilot project for several months at two Peugeot and Citröen dealers’ from Stellantis group.

The certification by the IT and business teams is ongoing and will be finalised in the coming months. The testimonials of these two pilots are already available on our website:

This new management software, developed with the latest Microsoft technologies, was designed to perfectly integrate the business processes of the car repairers thanks to the use of “business workflows” that guide the professionals/workshop workers through their various tasks.

Naturally collaborative, winmotor next can be distinguished by a quick handling and a natural use. Since the first design, Solware Auto wanted its DMS to meet the needs of several countries. This international strategy results in winmotor next being available in 7 different languages and in the localisation being also available for various European countries (France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy for a start).

The objective of winmotor next, deployed in full web mode in order to facilitate its accessibility, its implementation and interoperability, is to give an answer and a unique functional coverage for big international after-sales networks and car manufacturers.

In France, Aline and Jean-Paul Bailly, managers of Peugeot Bailly garage and Cyril Micol, manager of garage Citröen De Bellevue share their experiences in a video about this migration.

Garage De Bellevue Agent Citroën Stellantis utilise notre logiciel de gestion et facturation winmotor next par Solware Auto  Garage Bailly agent Peugeot Stellantis utilise notre logiciel de gestion et facturation winmotor next par Solware Auto
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