nouvelle MAJ winmotor next la version 3.1
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In our ever-changing world of aftermarket services, digitalization of workshops has emerged as a crucial factor to maintain competitiveness and deliver quality services. We are excited to announce the launch of winmotor next version 3.1, which further bolsters our steadfast dedication to innovation. This updated version comes with several new features and improvements that will enable more efficient management of daily operations. 

In winmotor next 3.1 several features have been introduced to improve efficiency in the product. These include streamlined spare parts management with the possibility to create kits from casefiles, automatic capacity gauge updates for quicker invoicing and improved access to customer and vehicle data. 

For bodywork operations, there is the option to set an upper coverage limit for increased financial control and labor costs are conveniently displayed. In the vehicle sales module, publishing ads is simplified and there is a new module for efficient new car sales management. 

Invoicing is enhanced by the ability to print pre-invoices, with various features that improve compliance and flexibility. Spare parts management introduces advanced search and direct invoicing. Digital communications offer SMS and email notifications, and advance payments can be recorded and managed with ease. 

Document-related improvements include updated templates and enhanced information display. These updates reflect a commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to specific market needs in the aftermarket sector.