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The international experience of Solware Auto in the legal and tax adaptation of its DMS has once again paid off to “localize” winmotor next to the Portuguese market.

Like some of its European neighbors such as Italy, Portugal has already implemented an electronic invoicing system to strengthen government control over the invoicing of local companies.

This legal requirement has been impacting DMS providers in the country for several years now. In addition to this, the Portuguese government requires at the end of the year a stock inventory, and since this summer, to display a QR code on all issued invoices. These changes will certainly encourage garage owners to use more efficient and viable management software. In this context, winmotor next appears as a web solution for the garages while using up to date technologies with a brand new design.

Solware auto is therefore pursuing its ambition as an international DMS provider by starting the certification of winmotor next with the Portuguese local authorities. Solware Iberia team is already working on the commercial strategy to start pilot sites by the end of the year.

In this context, the well known Portuguese magazine « Posvenda » did us the honor of promoting our DMS in Portugal, emphasizing the added value it can bring to garages (page 31).

We look forward to demonstrating the adaptability of our DMS as well as the energy Solware spends in meeting the expectations of its end customers.