why computerise my car repair shop with a management software
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First of all, it is perhaps limiting to want to computerise in order to have a so-called invoicing software. Indeed, a management or invoicing software (DMS) covers a bigger perimeter and can therefore seem cumbersome to cover this need alone.  

A DMS is a complete tool that covers a large number of garage activities, with the most successful ones including functions that are less specific to the automotive industry, such as marketing and/or accounting.  
Its functionalities and integrated processes make it simple to use, but also provide a structured way of working. This, in addition to your own organisation, ensures homogeneous methods controlled by the software and allows you to obtain structured and more qualitative data.

Connect your network tools with a management and invoicing software car repair shop

Computerising your car repair shop with a management or invoicing software (DMS) also allows you to communicate easily with the software of your network, whether it is a brand (Citroën, Peugeot, Renault, etc.) or a multi-brand network (Eurorepar Car Service, Proximéca, Club Auto Conseil, Top Garage, Précisium, Motrio, etc.).  
Indeed, the DMS provides a direct link with the software offered by your brand and in this way saves you time, mainly by avoiding re-entry between systems. The integration of your network’s tools also allows you to be in total compliance with the methodologies expected by your customers when they come to your garage.

Build customer loyalty with our management software

Computerising your car repair shop with a management software (DMS) allows you, as mentioned above, to benefit from correctly filled in customer and vehicle files that can be used to build customer loyalty, boost your workshop entries and maintain or increase your turnover.  
This goes from simply using the history of the work carried out in your car repair shop to suggest new services. Knowing the work to be planned identified during previous visits and to go further. Use these to follow up your customers with digital communications (SMS or emailing).

Analyse the activity of your car repair shop  

Computerising your garage with management software (DMS) allows you to monitor the performance of your business more quickly and regularly with the help of indicators for analysing your activities. These indicators are sometimes unknown or obtained by keeping external files or provided by your accounting firm. These will be linked to each of your activities: mechanical or bodywork after-sales, new or used vehicle sales and parts distribution.  
Computerising your car repair shop with management and invoicing software is essential for the structuring, growth and enhancement of your automotive garage.  
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