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Will the increase in the sales of electric and hybrid cars coincide with a drastic change in the techniques of sales and repairs?

For several years, we have been witnessing a change in the sales of vehicles approaches. The digitalization is in progress, and the electrification is speeding up the process. New players appear, and apart from the sales, we can notice a transfer of the vehicle property. Nowadays, we talk about using a means of transport more than purchasing a car for the family. If we keep selling through car dealerships in the future, then when and how will we make a shift towards “click and collect” centres?

The after-sales workers will also have to change and adapt their way to manage these new technologies. The dealer networks have 5 years to adapt their workshops in order to provide the best services to this new type of customers. However, the ability to serve will not suffice. They will be the first to take these electric vehicles in charge, so the economic model they are currently using will have to be developed to meet different needs. The profitability of these workshops will depend on their capacity for adaptation. Or else, their turnover may decrease by 6 to 26% during the next 10 years.

Un mécanicien vérifie et répare à la main une voiture en panne dans un garage automobile.

As for the independent workshops, according to the ANFA (French National Association for the Automobile Training), they have 15 years before being significantly affected by the electrification of the car fleets. Today these workshops are the best for the maintenance and repairs of the old car models. However, even if their business with diesel cars will remain essential during the 10 coming years, they are like to see the trend reverse and get more gas than diesel vehicles in their workshops in the future. Therefore, they would do well to use this time to get trained if they want to take advantage of this change.

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